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Tourism Indonesia offers a breathtaking island country in Southeast Asia, located between the Indian and the Pacific ocean. Home to thousands of volcanic islands, it is the largest island country. Officially known as the Republic of Indonesia, this majestic land is blessed with diverse landscapes. From its pristine beaches to smoldering volcanoes and verdant jungles, Indonesia has something for everyone. Jakarta is the hub of beauty and bliss and the capital city of Indonesia. This city has much to allure the tourists with its historic buildings and modern shopping center.

Apart from the magnificent sights of Jakarta, the island nation also offers some other gorgeous attractions. Lake Toba on Sumatra Island. The Tanjung Puting National Park on Borneo Island is a paradise for animal lovers, the Baliem Valley in Western New Guinea is a must visit. Home to the Dani Tribe. Mount Bromo - an active volcano, is an interesting tourist attraction. Its inner crater produces white smoke and it is therefore surrounded by a sea of volcanic sand. Raja ampat wit its pristine beaches and the famous Bali for its nature beauty.

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